All Your Dry Ice Questions Answered: Video

There are so many Dry Ice Cleaning questions out there that we decided to put this quick video together to explain a bunch of topics about Dry Ice Cleaning. Hopefully this video helps clarify and answer all your questions:

1. What is Dry Ice Cleaning?

2. How does Dry Ice Cleaning work?

3. What equipment is needed to Dry Ice Clean a car?

4. How much does Dry Ice Cleaning equipment cost?

5. Where do you get the Dry Ice for Dry Ice Cleaning?

6. How much Dry Ice is used to Dry Ice Clean a car?

7. What is Dry Ice made of?

8. Doesn’t CO2 harm the environment?

9. Where does the dirt go?

10. Will Dry Ice Cleaning damage my car or car paint?

11. What can you clean with Dry Ice?

12. Can Dry Ice Cleaning eliminate rust?

13. Which cars turn out best with Dry Ice Cleaning?

14. How much does it cost to Dry Ice Clean a car?

15. If you remove the factory coatings with Dry Ice, won’t the car get corrode?


R20 Motorsports presents “Frosted Dry Ice” cleaning and restoration services. We are dedicated to helping you clean, preserve and restore your automotive treasures!

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